Ski Programs


NOTE: Our club is completely independent from the Sun Peaks Sports School and the programs that they offer.  


Registration is for athletes aged 7+ (as of December 31, 2023).  Athletes must have a season's pass, be comfortable skiing on Black Diamond terrain, and be able to ride a chairlift completely on their own. Less experienced skiers are strongly encouraged to participate in one of the excellent programs offered by the Sun Peaks Sports School before joining our club.  If you have questions about your child's current skill-level or suitability for our programs, please contact

Athlete Licenses (Mandatory)

For insurance purposes, your child must purchase an athlete's license from Freestyle BC / Freestyle CanadaIf your child will not compete at all or will only compete in either regional events or in the Super Youth category at provincial events (ages 12 and under), you can purchase the "Club Athlete" license for $115.  If your child will compete in the Timber Tour category at provincial events (ages 12+) or beyond, you must purchase the "Provincial Athlete" license for $195You will be prompted to purchase a license when you register.

Schedule and Fees

We offer four separate ski programs:

Competitions for Freestylerz/Freeriderz Athletes

SPFC will provide coaching to Freestylerz and Freeriderz athletes who opt to compete in any of the events listed on the schedule for their program (see below) for a flat fee of $75/event.  Athletes in either of these programs who are interested in competing in other events should contact us ( to inquire about the possibility of getting coaching from SPFC or another club.

Volunteer Requirement

Following the practice in most other sports, we require a parent/guardian of every SPFC athlete to contribute to the smooth operation of the club and its events by volunteering.  Specifically, we require a minimum 12 volunteer hours for each registered athlete (normally spread over three separate 4-hour "shifts") .  Parents/guardians wishing to "opt out" may pay a $300 fee (per athlete) in order to do so (this fee will be billed at the end of the season).

Our volunteer sign-up sheet is available here.  This sheet will be updated continuously throughout the season as new volunteer opportunities are identified.

Refund Policy

While SPFC has a strict no-refund policy, you will be given the opportunity to purchase 3rd-party insurance when completing your registration through Snowreg (see below).

Safe Sport Policy Manual

Our Safe Sport Policy Manual outlines SPFC's commitment to protect the health, safety and physical and mental well-being of every individual that is involved in the Sun Peaks freestyle community.

Other Important Information

Training days for Fundamentalz/Freestylerz/Freeriderz run from 9am to 3pm with a lunch break in the middle.  Please plan to meet at 8:45am in front of the Annex; pick-up will be in the same location.  Make sure to bring your helmet, back protector, and some pocket snacks.  You can leave your lunch inside the Annex (coaches will be with athletes during lunch).

Detailed Schedules

Fundamentalz (10 sessions)

Jan 6: Training
Jan 13: Training
Jan 20: Training
Jan 27: Training
Feb 3: Training
Feb 17: Training
Feb 24: Training
Mar 9: Training
Mar 16: Training
Mar 23: Training
Mar 29/30/31: NO TRAINING

Freestylerz (15 sessions)

Nov 24/25/26: Training
Dec 1/2/3: Training
Dec 8/9/10: Training
Dec 15/16/17: Training
Dec 22/23/24: NO TRAINING
Dec 29/30/31: Training
Jan 5/6/7: Training
Jan 12/13/14: Training
Jan 19/20/21: Training
Jan 26/27/28: Training
Feb 2/3/4: Training
Feb 9/10/11: NO TRAINING Bonus training
Feb 16/17/18: Training
Feb 23/24/25: Training
Mar 1/2/3: NO TRAINING
Mar 8/9/10: Training
Mar 15/16/17: Training
Mar 22/23/24: Training
Mar 29/30/31: NO TRAINING
Apr 5/6/7: Training make-up for Nov 24/25/26, weather permitting

Freeriderz (15 sessions)

Nov 25/26: Training
Dec 2/3: Training
Dec 9/10: Training
Dec 16/17: Training
Dec 23/24: NO TRAINING
Dec 30/31: Training
Jan 6/7: Training
Jan 13/14: NO TRAINING
Jan 20/21: Training
Jan 27/28: Training
Feb 3/4: Training
Feb 10/11: Training
Feb 17/18: Training
Feb 24/25: Training
Mar 2/3: Training NO TRAINING
Mar 9/10: NO TRAINING Training
Mar 16/17: Training
Mar 23/24: Training
Mar 30/31: NO TRAINING
Apr 6/7: Training make-up for Nov 25/26, weather permitting

Development / High Performance

Please refer to the "MASTER CALENDAR" spreadsheet in the Google Drive.